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[Singapore] Startup Bootcamp Course Preview #1

Build Innovative and Scalable Businesses with Guidance from Entrepreneurs and Investors * Synopsis: Get to hear more about the Lithan Hall Academy’s Startup Bootcamp (NICF – Technology Ventures Creation) offered by TIEN Academy (founded by Leslie Loh, Red Dot Ventures) where aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself will learn how to build and validate a business case...

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ShopperBoard launches app with funding from Rebright Partners

Touting itself as a Pinterest for shopping, ShopperBoard is now available on iOS and Android devices alongside its web platform Singapore-based startup and Echelon 2014 alumnus*ShopperBoard has today announced that it has launched the namesake mobile app on iOS and Android devices. The company had earlier received its first round of funding from Rebright Partners.*While...

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Hatsune Miku gets her own transforming robot [Video]

With Good Smile Company*and Team Ukyo’s Good Smile Racing already*well into their Super GT campaign, they have recently released a new promo video, and it features their lovable mascot, Racing Miku 2014 and Good Smile Racing’s BMW z4 GT3 which later transforms*into a giant robot.

The Racing Miku transformer was tentatively named the Miku Motoroid and is designed by Macross mecha designer Shoji Kawamori. It aimed to incorporate both the design of*Good Smile Racing’s BMW z4 GT3 and Hatsune Miku into the robot itself thus having both a “transformer” kind of feel complete with a spoiler, the car’s headlights, trunk, wheels, and more as well as sporting a more feminine design*as compared to*most mechas and of course, Miku’s signature twin tails. It’s gotta have twin tails, right?

Racing Miku 2014, who appears alongside the Good Smile Racing robot is meanwhile designed by Kantai Collection character designer Oguchi with supervision by Eureka Seven and Rebuild of Evangelion designer Shigeto Koyama. She was revealed alongside the Miku Motoroid during Good Smile Racing’s pep rally which was held during the Winter Wonder Festival 2014 last February.

So what do you think of the new Racing Miku 2014 video and her giant robot partner?

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Report: AnoHana team to reunite for a new anime movie this 2015

Several fans attending the AnoHana Summer Festival in Chichibu have tweeted that the anime team responsible for the popular and tear-jerking anime series, AnoHana, are having a reunion of sorts as they have reportedly announced that they will be making a new coming-of-age anime movie which is scheduled to premiere this 2015.

Just like AnoHana, the new anime movie project will feature Tatsuyuki Nagai as the director, Mari Okada will be in-charge of script-writing, and Masayoshi Tanaka will be doing the character designs. No other information was announced such as the anime movie’s title, exact release date and story have been announced, though judging from the staff, this one will be another tear-jerker just like Ano-Hana so get your tissues ready come 2015.

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Sources: Crunchyroll and Hachimakikou

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Upcoming action anime ISUCA to air 2015

Action manga ISUCA is finally getting a much-needed anime adaptation, and the animation staff has announced that the anime is slated to premiere sometime in 2015. A new Key Visual has also been released and the director has been announced.

Letter Bee director Akira Iwanaga will be at the helm of the project as director and animation will be produced by ARMS. Idol group Afilia Saga, which sang the OP for Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation, will be singing the anime’s theme song.

The original manga is written and illustrated by Osamu Takahashi and serialized in Young Ace Magazine. It follows Shinichirou, a poor student who must work part-time as a housekeeper under Sakuya Shimizu in order to pay rent. One day, he releases a monster and learns that Sakuya is not a normal girl at all.

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Source: Comic Natalie

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The story of @evleaks

Many of the leaks posted about new smartphones on tech blogs across the world began with a simple tweet on @evleaks’ Twitter. His leaks were often treated as facts, with the pictures and snippets being as real as day and night. Facts, not possibilities, was the @evleaks magic. A magic with a lot of work and effort behind it.

Who is @evleaks?

After @evleaks’ retirement, we learned more details about the life of the man who was the topdog of this leak account of the smartphone world over the last few years. His name is Evan Blass. He lives on Philadelphia, and was an important editor for several top tech sites before taking on anonymity and becoming responsible for one of the most prolific leaker accounts in the history of smartphones.

His career began at Engadget, where he worked from 2005-2008 as a Senior editor, training Joshua Topolsky and Nilay Patel, just to name a couple. Evan continued his career at Pocketnow, where he made a name for himself leaking many HTC phones. After his departure from PocketNow, he created his @evleaks account. This amazing story stars here.

The @evleaks legend starts

He started his leak adventure with a few Twitter followers . He was considered a star in the tech industry, and since the beginning, the bigwigs of the industry were following his information due to the veracity of his leaks.

In recent months, his popularity rose to the point where it is today, to nearly 200,000 Twitter followers; not counting, of course, the eyes of the big names in the technological industry. They know that his leaks start in their own factories. He even gained respect in China, where he was know as “the great god @evleaks”.

He retired at the top of his game, leaking one of the most anticipated smartphones this year: the new Moto X+1 with great detail. During his short career, he was the main player before many launches: leaking the HTC One, the Nexus 5, the LG G3 and many more…

He was the most prestigious and reliable leaker on the Internet. Why did he retire? The story of the man behind the @evleaks account, started with the following tweet:


The biggest leaker in the recent tech history said goodbye. @evleaks changed his profile picture and user name: he is now Evan Blass, tech editor. Despite its success and popularity, leaking content on a Twitter account is not a profitable activity and, after failing to monetize his efforts, Evan decided to leave the job that made him so famous due to financial and health problems.

Evan Blass has multiple sclerosis

Thanks to his own tweets, and the BBC interview, we know the real reason for his departure: Evan Blass has multiple sclerosis for more than a 15 years, which prevented him from continuing his editorial career, because his disease is too unpredictable after 16 years.

Moving around is extremely painful for Evan, so his life is mostly spent on the web, where he could be found gathering information and working to leak some smartphones for more than 20 hours a day, thanks to his tech industry sources.

Leaking seems to be a five-minute job, but that thought is far from the reality. Evan has to bet not only on himself but also on his sources — he has to believe in them in order to publish the leak on the web. Despite what we may think, Evan recognizes that not all companies feel damaged by his leaks. Several have come to deliberately give him information as a marketing strategy. The rationale behind it is if all the tech site writes about a leak, the hype around the new device will be greater.

That’s not all. We had the pleasure to learn that the both new iPhone models of 4.7 and 5.5 inches are true like the leaks have revealed. The factory workers are usually responsible for iPhone leaks due to their low wages and the big rewards associated with such leaks.

Last, but not least, our protagonist Evan, has insomnia. Evan says the disease keeps him productive:

“When you have a disease that starts getting worse and doesn’t seem to be getting better, you feel that you are dying — and when you feel like you are dying you are willing to do certain things like taking a job with no real future. I sleep better since retiring from leaking.”

The @evleaks problem was the inability to monetize on Evan’s work and efforts. This and his disease caused him to make a tough decision in retiring from his leaker job. The community decided to help Evan with a crowdfunded campaign on Indiegogo.

The interview *(with the BBC) finish with Evan ensuring he doesn’t mind having his real name associated with @evleaks. It will be his legacy. We don’t know Evan’s destiny, but we hope it is with the tech industry that he loves. See you soon, Evan.


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Gray and silver iPhone 6 and A8 leaked for the first time

It’s iPhone 6 rumor time again and this time we get our first look at Apple’s next generation Apple A8 chipset. The pictures come from nowherelese, that has been churning out one iPhone 6 leak after another and in their last leak had confirmed the September 9 launch date from a trusted Chinese source who is said to have been the first to leak the iPhone 5s last year.

The leaked picture shows the Apple A8 chipset alongside the old Apple A5 chipset. There is not much we can deduce from the picture, except that the physical size of the Apple A8 chip seems to significantly larger than that of the Apple A5. This could indicate that the A8 chip would be provide a bigger jump in performance over the A7 than we anticipate. Apple has always raised the bar as far as graphics performance is concerned with an almost consistent 2x jump in GPU performance with every new iPhone.

Along with the A8 chip picture, Nowhereelse has also posted new images of the iPhone 6 frame in Gray color, The images point to the same design that we’ve seen a dozen times already in the past few weeks. Unlike most other leaked images from the past, this one does show the Apple logo printed on the back of the frame. It also seems to have pretty good finish so there are high chances that this could very well be a final production part that is pictured.

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The bottom seems largely familiar with a 3.5mm audio jack, mic holes, and the lightning connector port. The one difference we do notice is that there is a single speaker grille this time unlike the iPhone 5s that had twin speaker grilles (it only had one speaker though). The more rounded corners and sides are also clearly visible, again something we have seen already.

The hype surrounding the iPhone 6 is getting bigger every moment, and now with Apple joining the party as well; our expectations are rising too.

Source: Nowherelese

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Microsoft Lumia 730 and 735 caught on camera ahead of IFA announcement

Microsoft’s plans to announce the Lumia 730 and Lumia 830*at IFA 2014 next month have already been confirmed, and leaked images are giving us a clear look at the Lumia 730 ahead of its official unveiling.

The leaked images come from the usually reliable Chinese microblogging scene, and confirm that the Lumia 730 will come in two variants. The Lumia 730 will offer 3G connectivity and sport dual SIM slots, while the Lumia 735 will come with support for 4G LTE. As the images show,*the Lumia 730/735 will look quite similar to existing Lumia handsets, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing given the attractive design Nokia has been using for its smartphones in recent years.

The Lumia 730 is expected to feature a 4.7-inch HD (1280×720) display, a quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage and a microSD slot, and run on Windows Phone 8.1. Both variants of the phone will also have a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, earning them the honor of being among the first Windows Phone devices (after the HTC One M8 for Windows Phone) to sport such a high-resolution camera.

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Asus reiterates sub-$200 price, voice control, October ETA for ZenWatch

For the most part, Asus officials have skipped the “leakster” middlemen in their effort to build hype around the company’s debut smartwatch, voluntarily slipping little nuggets of info to the press, culminating with pricing and availability details.

Between Samsung’s growingly diverse family of both Android and Tizen-running wearables, Motorola’s Moto 360 introduction, LG’s G Watch/G Watch R launches and Sony’s proprietary timepiece lineup, it’s starting to feel like all these experienced device manufacturers are simply throwing everything they have against a wall to see what sticks.

Clearly, the market is a bit hectic and everyone’s strategy is a little too all over the place at the moment, but give it time. Sure, the G Watch R and Samsung Gear S are far from flawless. Yet they’re hands down superior to their predecessors in more ways than one, and that’s certainly a good sign.

And so are the signals we’re getting from Asus. Unlike their Korea-based rivals, the Taiwanese had the restraint to wait for the wearable landscape to mature. Or at least evolve. And now that the world is a better, smoother, more cohesive place, bam, here comes the game-changing ZenWatch.

I’m getting ahead of myself, you say? Perhaps, but Jerry Shen just confirmed the ZenWatch will roll out in October, a mere month after its formal unveil next week at IFA, and cost less than $200. $150 is the magic number that came up in the rumor mill before, and is still very much on the table, though my personal guesstimate is $199.

Which is less game-changing, still pretty hot. Especially for a gadget showcased on video with nice curves, a metallic frame and an overall seductive design. No doubt powered by Android Wear, the ZenWatch will come packed with a bunch of specific software tweaks and add-ons, including voice recognition. Solely in English at first, and in Chinese by the end of the year.

No words on gesture control this time around, but the feature was reportedly in testing not long ago, so, you know, fingers crossed and everything.

Source: Focus Taiwan

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Build your own smartphone app with these web-based mobile app builders

Startups are often ill-equipped with the resources to develop requisite mobile apps. Can*web-based mobile app builders come in handy? The pervasiveness of smartphone usage has seen a rise in businesses offering their services via the mobile platform. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and startups, however, may not have the knowledge or the resources to develop...

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Head in the clouds: 5 elements of cloud robotics

Robots are a “gateway drug” for getting students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Do you agree? Robots haven’t yet lived up to their potential,*but they’re about to benefit enormously from the Cloud. In this talk I’ll describe how a new generation of robots can use wireless networking, big data, machine learning, open-source, and...

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HRBoss’ head honcho Bernie Schiemer: Locals matter

With five offices across Asia, Bernie Schiemer, the man behind HRBoss, believes that people want to talk to their own countrymen “Locals matter,” said Bernie Schiemer, CEO and Founder, HRBoss, a software company with offices in five countries across Asia. He added, “I noticed the difference. You don’t realise how much Singaporeans want to speak...

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It has never been easier and harder to brand yourself

Is it important to have a branding strategy? You bet! It has never been easier – and harder – for companies and individuals to brand themselves. Let me explain. Companies used to be largely in control of their brands. Top executives would identify their business and marketing goals, and then the marketing, communications, and design...

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[Singapore] Start-UP call for entries

Level up with Channel NewsAsia Start-UP Season 2! Synopsis: The Channel NewsAsia programme Start-UP is back for Season 2 after its successful debut in March 2014. If you have an innovative business idea worthy of substantial capital funding, this could be your lucky break! Winning teams stand to receive up to a grand total of...

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